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Online ADR – An Avenue For Resolving Disputes -4

Online ADR - An Avenue For Resolving Disputes in Cyberspace


Given the fact that Information and Communication Technology (ICT) has advanced ever-more rapidly and the growth in the numbers of global electronic transactions that are initiated every second around the globe, it has since become evident that a new framework is needed for the resolution of disputes in cyberspace. This paper considers a detailed discussion on the resolution of disputes through the internet known as Online Dispute Resolution (ODR) and the extent to which such framework may be challenged in light of its various issues surrounding its usage and implementation.


To date, Alternate Dispute Resolution (ADR) is favoured in many nations no longer as an alternate form of dispute resolution, rather as a fundamental mechanism. Indisputably in recent years, ADR is proven to be the most applicable and cost-effective approach for resolving disputes originating from commercial or private transactions. Be that as it may, obstacles posed by e-commerce and the rapid growth in the number of cross-border online disputes has called for a reform of ADR itself.